September 20th, 2023, the Insolvency Control Service's (ICS) Director Mrs. Inese Šteina presented the Electronic Insolvency Accounting System (EMUS) at a conference in Belgrade, Serbia hosted by the International Association of Insolvency Regulators (IAIR). The theme of the conference was "Digitalization/IT Developments in the Insolvency World". Alongside Mrs. Šteina there were representatives from Finland, Ireland, Poland, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, and other countries.

Mrs. Šteina shared the story how EMUS evolved from a few Excel tables to a modern information system, which has become integral to both insolvency practitioners as a tool to fulfil their duties and to the ICS to ensure an effective and risk-based supervision. Latvia's high level of digitalisation in the field of insolvency was well recognised at the conference. After the presentation several participants showed a deeper interest in ICS's experience in developing EMUS to the system it is today.

IAIR is an international body that brings together the collective experiences and expertise of government insolvency regulators from jurisdictions around the world.